Work Texts

Today, at work I was working alongside Ron, an engineering consultant who’s filling in for our quality control manager while he’s on leave. Turns out, Ron works for the same company as my friend Ben, who sent him a text message while we were looking over some plans.

Ron had a perplexed expression and began to chuckle while handing me his crackberry. I read the text slowly which said “Hey Ron, I heard through the grapevine you’re working with Paul Woo down at Fort Lee. Tell him yo, whatcha name is?” I laughed out loud, disturbing the rest of the guys in the trailer and then told Ron to respond back “nah you good”. He was even more confused now, but surprisingly obliged without the slightest hesitation. We went back to working on reviewing plans almost like nothing happened, but now sense some judgement from Ron. That’s fine, totally worth it.

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