Work From Home!

This morning while I was workin on some excel sheets, I received an email from a Ms. Timeka Ines about starting my own home business at home and making tens of thousands in the first week!  This email looked familiar, as I had already received a number of emails just like it this earlier week.

This was yet another feable attempt to scam people of their time and money. Timeka could have at least used her same name as the sender in the signature instead of Robert Walker. Timeka, Timeka, Timeka…I hope you’re reading this. If you’re going to come up with a scheme to convince people to buy into your pseudo business startup package at least be consistent. You of all people should know details are critical to running a business.  

I decided I would reply to her proposal and sent her an email back. A screenshot of my response is attached below. I look forward to hearing back from her and hope she has more life changing, wealth building information to offer me.



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