Dank Bucket

Today at work one of our laborers, Jose came up to me during lunch and offered some of his home made Puerto Rican Tamales.  I had already started eating my Dank Bucket, (more commonly known as a KFC Famous Bowl) and didn’t want to corrupt the delicious blend of chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cheese with spicy plantains and pork, so I politely declined.



At first, he was a little surprised I declined and repeatedly insisted I try them, refusing to take no for answer. After a couple minutes of this, I turned my attention to an email I had just received and proceeded to read it.  Jose paused for a second and waited for me to turn back to start harassing me again.

Before he could open his mouth, I blurted “no te bueno!” which was my best attempt at saying “nah you good” in Spanish. I think he finally got the hint that I didn’t want his tamales after hearing my Spanglish. I felt kinda bad for the guy, his face was filled with disappointment and rejection.  Although I was relieved when he turned around and began to look for his next victim to harass. The project manager conveniently walked by moments later as Jose scurried after him, tamales in hand.

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