Saved By The Bell

 I recently started a new job as a “project controller” for a general contractor at the Fort Lee Military Base near Richmond, VA. This is all a new experience for me as I’m slowly getting accustomed with the other team members on the project as well as my job responsibilities. I have mostly been observing, listening, and keeping my mouth shut while I get a feel for the team’s dynamic and each individual’s personality.

Today, one of the superintendents came to me and asked if I had contacted our structural engineer to get the necessary documents for our reinforcing steel package. This is a critical item, which must be procured before the building’s foundation can be placed and which the rest of the building is dependent on. At the time I was working on an email for the project manager and wasn’t really paying attention to him. Without looking away I instinctively mumbled, “…nah you good” and continued to write my email. I was able to type in a few more letters when I froze and it registered what I had just said. I hesitantly looked back and saw a perplexed expression on his face.  Without giving him the chance to question what I had just said I told him I’d get right on it and follow up with him later. Lucky for me, he got a phone call and rushed out of the trailer while looking back at me with the same confused look as he left.

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