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don’t worry bout it, brah

Today, at work I was writing up some reports for our project when I overheard one of the superintendents say my name in mid conversation. This typically meant he needed me to do some kind of elementary task for him, or that he was going to give me a hard time for being a Hokie, (he went to Alabama).

Looking over at his office, I saw he was on the phone talking to one of our architects. He was explaining that he was busy and that I would handle whatever it was that he needed. I interjected and yelled back towards his direction, “nah you good!”  before he could get off the phone and assign me whatever task he needed.  The super hung up the phone and asked me what I had just said,I told him “don’t worry ’bout it brah”. He stood over me, arms crossed, shook his head and just kinda stared at me. Feeling a little uncomfortable, I went back to whatever it was that I had been working on. At this point, he doesn’t really take anything I say seriously.  I’d say i’m making a pretty good impression at work so far.

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