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Saved By The Bell

 I recently started a new job as a “project controller” for a general contractor at the Fort Lee Military Base near Richmond, VA. This is all a new experience for me as I’m slowly getting accustomed with the other team members on the project as well as my job responsibilities. I have mostly been observing, listening, and keeping my mouth shut while I get a feel for the team’s dynamic and each individual’s personality.

Today, one of the superintendents came to me and asked if I had contacted our structural engineer to get the necessary documents for our reinforcing steel package. This is a critical item, which must be procured before the building’s foundation can be placed and which the rest of the building is dependent on. At the time I was working on an email for the project manager and wasn’t really paying attention to him. Without looking away I instinctively mumbled, “…nah you good” and continued to write my email. I was able to type in a few more letters when I froze and it registered what I had just said. I hesitantly looked back and saw a perplexed expression on his face.  Without giving him the chance to question what I had just said I told him I’d get right on it and follow up with him later. Lucky for me, he got a phone call and rushed out of the trailer while looking back at me with the same confused look as he left.

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not so much “Home Team”

The other day I was watching the NC State VS. South Carolina football game at Home Team in Richmond, VA with a few guys after work. The rest of the people there appeared to be NC State fans with some kind of Richmond chapter of the Wolf pack Club. The game was pretty uneventful and rather boring, but the NC State fans clearly thought otherwise and cheered for every yard they gained like they had scored a touchdown. I’m a native of Raleigh, NC and am very familiar with how obnoxious their fans can be, as well as how much love for the team they have despite their mediocrity.

Waiting for a table, we stood around in a sea of red and white and felt a little out of place. Finally after a couple PBR’s, a booth opened up and we sat down near a couple of NC State fans. To our dismay, these two were especially loud and annoying. Every other minute they jumped out of their seats and yelled out one of their cheers while throwing up their Wolf Pack hand gesture, (which looks more like a llama than a wolf, refer to the picture below).


By now we had grown tired of this game and had shifted our attention to the Eagles game where Vick had just rushed for a TD. However, it wasn’t long until another outburst of obnoxious NC State fan cheering let out, when we looked over to see NC State making a drive for the end zone to tie the game.  Alas, again to everyone’s disappointment, play by play, they failed to make any completions.

On 4th and long they made their final attempt for a touchdown when the USC defense batted down the ball while emasculating the receiver. As the ball fell to the turf and the state fans quickly realized the game was over, everyone at my table pointed to a different fan and yelled out …nah you good! The State fans didn’t respond and stared at the screen with looks of disappointment and dazed on their faces. The referee crossed his arms in a violent fury signaling incomplete and the game clock soon expired.

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