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Freshman 15

I was at McComas this morning and I was making my way to the scale but some hotty with a body was standing in the way hydrating herself with some delish H20, she saw me coming and stepped out of the way while apologizing briefly, I looked up at her, smiled for a sec, and said “…nah you good”. Her life will now be changed forever, I should have asked her “yo whatcha name is?”.
- Submitted by N. Yates

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Wise Guy

After finishing one of my exams today, quite quickly I might add,  I began to get out of my seat to turn in the exam. My friend grabbed my arm and asked

“Dont you want to look over that? make sure of your answers?”

Not even missing a beat or taking a breath, looked him in the eye.

“…nah you good”

- Submitted by C. Reed

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Big Gulps Huh?

So I decided to take one of those michigan lefts WAYYY too fast, and spilled this big-ass drink allll over myself.  So I pull over into this parking lot, and am standing there in a sports bra cleaning out my car and some guy stops and asks if I need help. I looked at him, and gave him a “…Nah you good” and turned back around to finish cleaning…He drives off with the most confused look on his face…LOL…Needless to say I laughed the entire way home while I was soaked and freezing….

- Submitted by S. Richardson

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Revenge of A Nerd

On Friday I sat down to take my 6 hour computer hacking scenario test. When I finished the last problem on the test,  I flipped the page to my dismay. There sat a bonus question that if I had answered, would have obviously made me more of a nerd than the air force has already made me.  I got through three words of the bonus question and skipped to the end to answer… NAH YOU GOOD.

- Submitted by N. Kane

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Whatchya name is?

Earlier this year I was out in Blacksburg with a pretty decent buzz at TOTS, (Top of The Stairs – a favorite bar of Virginia Tech Students) with the usual Thursday crowd. I was walking on the outer deck towards the back bar on the 2nd floor. As I approached the outer corner of the building where the back stairs descend up on the back deck, I made eye contact with a girl who was looking over her shoulder at me. I glanced away, searching for my friends then looked back in the direction of the girl who was still looking my way.

I didn’t recognize her and didn’t think much of it until I was next to her, when I thought I heard her say “are you going to make out tonight?” Confused, I repeated back to her “am I going to make out tonight?” I thought to myself, does she know something I don’t? Or, did I blackout at some point earlier in the year and make out with this girl? I leaned closer to hear her more clearly and she corrected me saying, “no, do you want to make out, tonight?” Her friends were now looking at me and smiling like they definitely knew something I didn’t.

Once again, I took another look at the girl to try and spark some kind of recognition or memory of her. I paused for a moment and completely drew a blank on any possible connection between us. Panicking and running out of time, I knew what I had to do. My only way out was to give her a swift “…nah you good” and take refuge on the back deck behind the masses of people. Scurrying to the back and ducking behind some huge black dude, I peeked over his shoulder to the see the girl’s reaction. She looked like she had been asked to solve a differential equation while being slapped in the face by Anderson Silva. Needless to say, she was in shock.

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Road Rage

On the way back from a family vacation in New York, I was driving down US-1 just outside Raleigh in our Toyota Sienna with my mom in the front passenger seat and my brother and his dog in the back seat. As we entered the Raleigh city limits, I came up on an elderly couple in a white Chrysler 300c doing 5 under the speed limit.

I began to accelerate and ease into the left lane to pass the couple, when another car shot past me in the left lane forcing me back behind the couple still doing 5 under the speed limit. I didn’t want to slam the brakes and cause my brother’s dog to fly into the front center console, so I gradually pushed the brakes enough to slow us back down. However, apparently I didn’t brake hard enough, because I was now practically riding on top of the car in front. The driver was a decrepit old man, who mistakenly thought I was tailgating him on purpose and tapped his brakes to get me off his rear. This really set me off and I waited for the next clearing in the left lane to pass him.

Mashing the gas to the floor, I switched to the other lane and laid down the horn while passing him. The driver immediately honked back, which apparently set my mom off, who then waved some kind of back hand motion as if to imply …nah you good! After passing the bitter old man, I looked up and saw a yellow stop light about 100 yards away which had now turned red. As I slowed, I lowered my mom’s window in hopes of her getting into a verbal confrontation with the driver. Instead, out of embarrassment and illogical fear of him recognizing her, my mom attempted to shut her window, grabbed her oversized US atlas and put it up to the right side of her face to block the man’s view of her.

I leaned over to see the old man’s reaction while lowering the passenger side window. Just past the edges of the atlas’s pages, I could see him leaning forward as well, attempting to make eye contact with me. He slowly extended his right hand out the window towards us and extended his middle finger. At this point, I was both amused and ticked off and about to let out a string of obscenities when the light turned green. Miraculously, I was able to take control of my mom’s window and blurted out, “…nah you good!” while pointing with just an index finger towards the old man. I guess he expected me to cuss him out and flip the bird too, because he simply stared in bewilderment, trying to understand what had just taken place. Old man, if you’re reading this, …nah you good.

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Today I was playing with my brother’s yellow lab when I had to pee. He pretty much follows me anywhere and began to follow me to the bathroom. As I walked in, I asked him if he wanted a bone. He paused, slightly tilted his head in excitement and then I shut the door saying “…nah you good!”

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For Parties 6 or More…

I was eating dinner with 8 people in downtown Richmond, and the gratuity is already included in the bill for parties of 6 or more. When I got my separate check I was puzzled by the presence of a “TIP: ________” as this had already been covered, so naturally I wrote my waitress a tip amount for “…nah you good” (see below). Maybe she will post this story on and learn a valuable lesson.

- Submitted by N. Yates

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TPS Reports

I was sitting in one of 7 meetings I have during the week and my co worker asked me to pass a stack of papers … of course I felt the need to say “… nah you good”.

- Submitted by M. Kim

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VT Pre – Frosh

Today, I was riding with Ryan around the drill field around the 12:15 rush and a wave of visiting pre-frosh began to flood the Eggleston-book store cross walk. Ryan quickly accelerated and maneuvered around the front of the mass. As we passed them I put a stiff arm out the window barely grazing one of the unsuspecting pre frosh’s nose and said welcome to Virginia Tech ..nah you good.

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