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Freshman 15

I was at McComas this morning and I was making my way to the scale but some hotty with a body was standing in the way hydrating herself with some delish H20, she saw me coming and stepped out of the way while apologizing briefly, I looked up at her, smiled for a sec, and said “…nah you good”. Her life will now be changed forever, I should have asked her “yo whatcha name is?”.
- Submitted by N. Yates

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Wise Guy

After finishing one of my exams today, quite quickly I might add,  I began to get out of my seat to turn in the exam. My friend grabbed my arm and asked

“Dont you want to look over that? make sure of your answers?”

Not even missing a beat or taking a breath, looked him in the eye.

“…nah you good”

- Submitted by C. Reed

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Big Gulps Huh?

So I decided to take one of those michigan lefts WAYYY too fast, and spilled this big-ass drink allll over myself.  So I pull over into this parking lot, and am standing there in a sports bra cleaning out my car and some guy stops and asks if I need help. I looked at him, and gave him a “…Nah you good” and turned back around to finish cleaning…He drives off with the most confused look on his face…LOL…Needless to say I laughed the entire way home while I was soaked and freezing….

- Submitted by S. Richardson

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Revenge of A Nerd

On Friday I sat down to take my 6 hour computer hacking scenario test. When I finished the last problem on the test,  I flipped the page to my dismay. There sat a bonus question that if I had answered, would have obviously made me more of a nerd than the air force has already made me.  I got through three words of the bonus question and skipped to the end to answer… NAH YOU GOOD.

- Submitted by N. Kane

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For Parties 6 or More…

I was eating dinner with 8 people in downtown Richmond, and the gratuity is already included in the bill for parties of 6 or more. When I got my separate check I was puzzled by the presence of a “TIP: ________” as this had already been covered, so naturally I wrote my waitress a tip amount for “…nah you good” (see below). Maybe she will post this story on and learn a valuable lesson.

- Submitted by N. Yates

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TPS Reports

I was sitting in one of 7 meetings I have during the week and my co worker asked me to pass a stack of papers … of course I felt the need to say “… nah you good”.

- Submitted by M. Kim

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Single Serving Friend

Yesterday I was on a plane sitting in seat 7C–my seat. Some lady came up to me and showed me her ticket and said, “Is that my seat?”

I showed her my ticket and said, “nah you good.”

Submitted by J. Peck

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Bum a Cig?

I was at the bar last night smoking a fresh back of Menthol Lights, when a beautiful, young brunette drunkenly grabbed me on the shoulder and asked if she could “bum a smoke.” Naturally, I responded with a curt “…nah you good.”

Needless to say, she was all over me.

- Submitted by T.  Dirty

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